[Homeroast] Larger-than-250g roaster? (was: Quest M3)

Kysh kyshie at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 23:08:14 CST 2010

Let me preface this by saying that I've greatly enjoyed putting what
must be a couple hundred pounds of coffee through my hottop.  It's not
without its foibles, but overall it's been a great machine, and is
treating me amazingly well.

However, I find that my roasting sessions have begun to spread out
somewhat crazily and I've started to run rapid-cooldown serial
sessions, using a shopvac to suck the hot air out of the roaster by
the time the cooldown cycle finishes.  I've been roasting coffee for
myself, my co-workers, my roommates, and various special occasions,
but I've been getting a lot of people asking me if I can roast a batch
for them now and again,and I find myself typically doing five or six
batches of coffee back to back when I roast, a couple times a week.
I feel that this is becoming borderline abusive to my roaster,
metallurgically at the very least.

Ideally, I would like to be able to roast somewhere between 1lb and
1kg batches, since I -never- roast only a single 250lb batch--I always
roast two at minimum of any given coffee.

Recently, as discussion of the Quest has bounced around, I've seen a
few comment saying that there are lots of options for low-end in the
1lb-1.5kg range, but frankly I'm not familiar with them, and have been
looking around with little success.

I'm not looking for someone to do the work for me, but I was hoping I
might get some pointers as to where I should look if I wanted to scale
my roasting operation up just a little bit. Money is an object,of
course, but I'm willing to invest in something, providing it will last
me a good long time.

Thanks in advance  yall!


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