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stan bob stanbob10 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 16:06:27 CST 2010

>From one fly to another...  I have now  roasted over 300 roasts in my Behmor 
over the past 2 years.  Have had to  replace a fan motor once otherwise no 
issues. Highly recommend it for  it's durability though I wish I had better 
control over my roasts.
and yes, I too started roasting with an IRoast-2


On 12/03/2010 02:40 PM, Christopher Navarro wrote:
> I'm usually just a fly on the wall on this list, but now I have a reason to
> post, I could use some information.  I think my IRoast 2 finally gave out.
> I noticed with my last 2 roasts that the cool cycle wasn't cooling nearly as
> fast as all my previous roasts and I had to resort to using a metal colander
> to finish the process.  At the end of today's roast I knew the machine was
> done because it had a strange smoke coming out that I've smelled before when
> old computer monitors die.  With some minor investigation I discovered that
> when I plugged the roaster in the heating element came on without touching
> any settings on the roaster.  The heating element must have been staying on
> during the cooling cycle.  Another good reason to watch the entire roast
> from start to finish every time.
> This was my first roaster and has provided me with just over two years of
> great coffee so it was well worth the money.  The good news is now I have a
> reason to research and buy a new roaster, which will probably either be a
> Behmor or Gene Cafe based on budget and what I have read about them thus
> far.
> A question I have for people who own the Behmor and/or Gene Cafe.   Can you
> give me an idea of the durability of your machine (i.e. about how many
> roasts were you able to do before it gave out or if it hasn't given out yet,
> how many roasts have you done with it?  With my IRoast I logged about 220+
> roasts, I roasted about every 3 days, give or take.  I have roasted heavily
> chaffed coffees and peaberries, which seems like it might be a problem based
> on Tom's review so I am curious to get an idea of your experiences with each
> roaster, what you like and don't like.  Thanks for taking the time to
> provide feedback.
> Regards,
> Chris
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