[Homeroast] IRoast 2

Christopher Navarro cnavarro2 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 14:40:00 CST 2010

I'm usually just a fly on the wall on this list, but now I have a reason to
post, I could use some information.  I think my IRoast 2 finally gave out.
I noticed with my last 2 roasts that the cool cycle wasn't cooling nearly as
fast as all my previous roasts and I had to resort to using a metal colander
to finish the process.  At the end of today's roast I knew the machine was
done because it had a strange smoke coming out that I've smelled before when
old computer monitors die.  With some minor investigation I discovered that
when I plugged the roaster in the heating element came on without touching
any settings on the roaster.  The heating element must have been staying on
during the cooling cycle.  Another good reason to watch the entire roast
from start to finish every time.

This was my first roaster and has provided me with just over two years of
great coffee so it was well worth the money.  The good news is now I have a
reason to research and buy a new roaster, which will probably either be a
Behmor or Gene Cafe based on budget and what I have read about them thus

A question I have for people who own the Behmor and/or Gene Cafe.   Can you
give me an idea of the durability of your machine (i.e. about how many
roasts were you able to do before it gave out or if it hasn't given out yet,
how many roasts have you done with it?  With my IRoast I logged about 220+
roasts, I roasted about every 3 days, give or take.  I have roasted heavily
chaffed coffees and peaberries, which seems like it might be a problem based
on Tom's review so I am curious to get an idea of your experiences with each
roaster, what you like and don't like.  Thanks for taking the time to
provide feedback.


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