[Homeroast] Behmor Incinerator

Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Fri Dec 3 13:49:45 CST 2010

Hi Bob,... sorry to hear about this but it should clean up fine.

You should email Behmor.
They have a procedure that works well for cleanup.

from Joe re: post-fire cleanup:
"...send an email to tech at behmor.com .. we've put together a little 
instruction guide to help with bean ignitions...

ask them to send you the "bean ignition" sheet..."

Hope this helps.

Derek @ Sweetmarias

>Failing to heed the warnings about not leaving your roast unattended, I had
>a significant fire in the Behmor yesterday. This was a combination of errors
>that resulted in the total incineration of a half pound of beans to glowing
>embers. The machine shut down it self and is totally scorched inside with
>significant smoke residue. The door gasket is unharmed. My garage
>bathroom/roasting room has some heavy smoke remains as well.
>I am planning on using "Easy Off" oven cleaner to try to remove the black
>residue that didn't budge with Simple Green.
>Has anyone had issue with the functioning of the Behmor after a fire?  I
>realize this was WAY more than a chaff fire. I just hope this wasn't a $300
>lesson learned!!
>Dexter, Oregon
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