[Homeroast] Pre-heating empty roaster vs. roaster loaded with beans - Behmor related - an honest question

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Thu Dec 2 10:31:21 CST 2010

My thinking is this:If your preheating with the beans loaded. Your not really preheating at all, your starting to roast.When i was using my Behmor regularly i would preheat an empty drum, load the beans and start the roast so that the beans themselves hadn't already been exposed to heat, but the roaster was warmed and ready to go.If i think about it now, i have to preheat my 3kilo first. Then drop in the room temp beans and start roasting. If i were to prehead 'Ginger' (that's her name) with the beans inside, well you can imagine...Another matter of perspective, I let ginger warm up for about 40min before i do my first batch. I get her up to 420, let her cool back down, back up to 420, then roast.Might be something to play around with the behmor, see if you can run a full roast, minus the cool down, NOT get burned, load it and go...i'm just thinking out loud now.Play around, see what happens.
Michael Bb'ham, AL
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> Subject: [Homeroast] Pre-heating empty roaster vs. roaster loaded with beans - Behmor related - an honest question
> OK, I've seen the discussions on the effects of preheating the Behmor with
> or without beans.  Personally, I've been having great success giving a 90
> second preheat with my beans loaded, so I'll probably keep doing it until my
> success goes down.  However, I wanted to get the concensus from the group to
> see if my rationale for doing so is flawed.  Flame On!
> I figured pre-heating with the beans, especially with slower ramping
> profiles like P3 and P4, helped dry the beans, especially since the first
> stages of those profiles are less than full heat/power.  Also, it seemed to
> me that the bean mass would help retain the preheat temperature prior to
> starting the roast profile.
> I also figured that if you pre-heated an empty roaster, by the time you open
> the door, and insert the basket with beans, the temperature of the roaster
> would drop down quite a bit, counteracting the positive effects of warming
> up the roaster.  And, then, the beans are still technically at room
> temperature when you start the roast.
> Am I mistaken in my thinking?
> Greg
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