[Homeroast] Pre-heating empty roaster vs. roaster loaded with beans - Behmor related - an honest question

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 08:41:02 CST 2010

OK, I've seen the discussions on the effects of preheating the Behmor with
or without beans.  Personally, I've been having great success giving a 90
second preheat with my beans loaded, so I'll probably keep doing it until my
success goes down.  However, I wanted to get the concensus from the group to
see if my rationale for doing so is flawed.  Flame On!

I figured pre-heating with the beans, especially with slower ramping
profiles like P3 and P4, helped dry the beans, especially since the first
stages of those profiles are less than full heat/power.  Also, it seemed to
me that the bean mass would help retain the preheat temperature prior to
starting the roast profile.

I also figured that if you pre-heated an empty roaster, by the time you open
the door, and insert the basket with beans, the temperature of the roaster
would drop down quite a bit, counteracting the positive effects of warming
up the roaster.  And, then, the beans are still technically at room
temperature when you start the roast.

Am I mistaken in my thinking?


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