[Homeroast] Turning Bottomless Portafilter

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Mon Aug 30 16:22:38 CDT 2010

One more thing to add to this espresso brewing thread- This wannabe also
does not like the coffee grounds or fines of any kind to float up the column
of water from the group.

"...[miKe] can pull totally untamped nekkid shots no problem...
(Problem is tends to dirty up the group screen way fast.)"

Is that all- nothing north of the screen harbors some ultra-fine floaters in
the passages?

I have some hard white cereal bowls and saucers. Pure water from the wand
always makes a pristine crystal clear puddle when I'm pre-heating and
looking through the glass demi, then cycling some hot water back to the

100° F reservoir water doesn't bother the 55w vibe pump- ( Yay, Crapesso! )
but the thermoblock heater thinks it's growing muscles, when it's just
lifting smaller weights twice.

Temperature surfing to brew a shot of espresso is still a fact of life on
the little bugger, and a disc of bleached and rinsed filter paper retained
by a Gold [brass] mesh disc on top of the puck stops All the potential
grounds floaters. Maybe only stops 0.998, but of the Four Great Leaps
Forward in espresso brewing for me, this little pre-filter was #3.

#1 was the Grinder, and I thought "That's all, folks- can't get any better
than this."
#2 was flash or surface freezing the beans in a pressed-flat ZipLoc sandwich
bag before grinding. Better grinding and destroys heat in advance [That's
#3 Described above- [No flavors extraneous to the fresh grounds- Can't get
any better]
#4 was Vibro-compacting the grounds in the basket, followed by almost Zero
tamp- just enough tamp to smooth and level the top in conjunction with step
#3. [Shot got better yet]
#N Was ist um die Ecke? Es ist schon zu viel Spaß!
Cheers, Mabuhay, Prost -RayO, aka Opa!
Persist in old ways; expect new results - enjoy the Insanity...

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