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Mon Aug 30 12:18:56 CDT 2010

Please forgive my misspelling..


On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 1:16 PM, Bill S. <wsmailmagnet at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks KiKe, as always,
> You are the "nekkid portafilter" of this blog--
> Nothing comes between you and trying to get the best coffee into the cup;
> You call the shot exactly as it is;
> You help us make better coffee, which is one of the things in life which
> makes us smile.
> BillS.
> On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 1:40 PM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Been involved in and read discussions of shot perceived difference, if
>> any,
>> between nekkid and spouted for close to a decade. Many of these
>> discussions
>> with some of the most acute palates in the world often using the most
>> cutting edge equipment in the world like Roburs or Versalab grinders and
>> GS3s or Speetsters etc. (And everthing on down.) Don't recall temperature
>> of
>> the resulting cup ever being an issue. Usually biggest perceived
>> difference
>> is in the "unstirred" straight shot with spouted being creamier texture
>> versus nekkid. Stir the shot and difference bye-bye.
>> If someone thinks they can pull a couple or few shots a day and be even
>> close to 90% consistent without ongoing shot feedback IMO quite
>> delusional.
>> Indeed quite a bit of can be gleened watching spouted flow (with years of
>> experience not just an afternoon of instruction), but not as much or as
>> rapidly as pulling nekkid. It ain't primarily about showy shots, it's
>> about
>> quality shot production.
>> And a HUGE advantage of pulling nekkid in a busy environment is the PF
>> doesn't need periodic cleaning at all, zero, zip. No old coffee clinging
>> to
>> spout and crevices degrading shots. Baskets easily kept clean rinsing just
>> rinsing both sides same time post shot flushing group after each shot and
>> wiping dry. During the day periodic water backflushes and basket steam
>> cleaning all that's needed to keep it clean and shot quality high.
>> The biggest complaint I hear from some people using nekkid PF's is mess
>> from
>> frequent spraying. If that's a constant problem PF build technique is
>> faulty
>> plan and simple. Pulling with spout will merely mask it not correct it.
>> miKe
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>> > miKe,
>> > This question is to you. I know you like pf's as much as I do
>> > but I have
>> > never heard you chime in when we get into pf pro and con's of  these
>> > discussions regarding the temp differential between bottom on
>> > and bottom off
>> > as Dennis just brought up.
>> > Can we talk you out of another 2 cents on this. I know you
>> > have probably
>> > covered it before but for the sake of us old dogs with old
>> > memory cells?
>> > JoeR
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