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I agree with Mike that practice makes better, but I find that the crema does drastically change the taste of the shot and I have been known to scoop off the crema and drink only what's left.  To really stir the crema, check out James Hoffman's Video about crema at www.jimseven.com/2009/07/06/video-1-crema 


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Been involved in and read discussions of shot perceived difference, if any,

between nekkid and spouted for close to a decade. Many of these discussions

with some of the most acute palates in the world often using the most

cutting edge equipment in the world like Roburs or Versalab grinders and

GS3s or Speetsters etc. (And everthing on down.) Don't recall temperature of

the resulting cup ever being an issue. Usually biggest perceived difference

is in the "unstirred" straight shot with spouted being creamier texture

versus nekkid. Stir the shot and difference bye-bye.

If someone thinks they can pull a couple or few shots a day and be even

close to 90% consistent without ongoing shot feedback IMO quite delusional.

Indeed quite a bit of can be gleened watching spouted flow (with years of

experience not just an afternoon of instruction), but not as much or as

rapidly as pulling nekkid. It ain't primarily about showy shots, it's about

quality shot production. 

And a HUGE advantage of pulling nekkid in a busy environment is the PF

doesn't need periodic cleaning at all, zero, zip. No old coffee clinging to

spout and crevices degrading shots. Baskets easily kept clean rinsing just

rinsing both sides same time post shot flushing group after each shot and

wiping dry. During the day periodic water backflushes and basket steam

cleaning all that's needed to keep it clean and shot quality high.

The biggest complaint I hear from some people using nekkid PF's is mess from

frequent spraying. If that's a constant problem PF build technique is faulty

plan and simple. Pulling with spout will merely mask it not correct it.


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> miKe,

> This question is to you. I know you like pf's as much as I do 

> but I have

> never heard you chime in when we get into pf pro and con's of  these

> discussions regarding the temp differential between bottom on 

> and bottom off

> as Dennis just brought up.

> Can we talk you out of another 2 cents on this. I know you 

> have probably

> covered it before but for the sake of us old dogs with old 

> memory cells?

> JoeR


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