[Homeroast] Turning Bottomless Portafilter

Dennis Parham dparham_is at mac.com
Sun Aug 29 08:03:48 CDT 2010

Justin, he charged me 35$ for 2 of them and I threw in a 5 spot for tip since he dropped everything to do it... he obviously let me watch and it was a great learning experience... just look up a machinist locally.. its a small job and many haven't seen a portafilter so its kind of a novelty to them I bet... he did a great job.. he even tool little aluminum shims on the side to make sure not to scratch or mar the outside... Im totally happy with it! however... even though I have had bottomless portafilters before I didn't do allot of testing on temps but one thing I now notice... when portafilter is setting inside group and heated to temp it sits about 10˚ cooler than with bottom on... when water hits basket ( empty ) water temps shoot up and stabilize at 201˚ through the shot then falls off quickly back down to 189 ish ... Ive always loved the flavors I get from the bottomless , maybe I pay more attention, but the temp variable is in question of why this makes it better... hmm... for me, that is, and many who like this style.... maybe it keeps group from overheating when setting still?? hmm... more tests coming...

Dennis Parham

On Aug 29, 2010, at 12:33 AM, Justin Schwarz wrote:

> This is kind of becoming a dead horse but i'll throw in my 2¢, I have done a few of these using nothing more than vice grips on a bench, a cordless drill and a dremel.  I attached to the first part of the handle that is metal arranged in such a way that if the drill were to sieze in the process it would not fly away.  I used a 2" hole saw and a cordless drill with plenty of cutting oil, brass is pretty soft stuff so as long as you are using low speed it didnt seem all that dangerous to me. If you are not familiar with drilling metal be careful (especially when the hole is almost complete), but no need to be afraid of the relatively simple process. A cordless drill with a clutch chuck works great. Once the hole was cut finishing touches were performed with a dremel, no sharp edges. 
> The only time I have injured myself drilling through metal was with an electric (plug in type) drill they are far less forgiving than a cordless. 1/2 inch hole through 3/8" steel overhead on top of a 12' ladder, the bit siezed as I punched through the last bit of the hole and twisted my hand pretty bad, broke the bit, droped the drill and almost fell off the ladder.
> With all of that being said, the one Dennis had professionally turned in a machine shop looks beautiful and I am jealous about that perfect bevel on the underside, how much did it cost?  
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