[Homeroast] Making Espresso

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Sun Aug 29 07:56:16 CDT 2010

The only thing i didn't see you mention was descaling the machine.  I'm always amazed at the difference it makes.  I don't realize the subtle changes that happen between descaling until i descale.Oh and putting a package of Grindz through the grinder.  Sounds like you know a lot about the technique and science behind the pulls.If you've already done this, tell us about the roast.How old was the Liquid Amber before your roasted it?Do you remember much about the profile?How long did you rest it?I started an espresso "quest" a couple of years ago, asked similar questions here on the list and kept tweeking until i was pulling great shots at home.Glad i never gave up!
Michael Bb'ham, AL

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> All,
> I have been roasting coffee for 10 years or so and don't post here
> often.  I am a dedicated drip coffee guy.  But my wife loves her
> Lattes.  4-5 years ago I purchased a Gaggia Classic.   I played with
> the machine for a few weeks but never got my shots where they needed
> to be.
> Yesterday the wife asked if I would set it back up and start making
> her Lattes (which she has been buying at the local coffee shop).  I
> roasted I pound of Liquid Amber that was still in the bottom of the
> bean bin.  I spent most of the afternoon making this nasty crap that I
> drank about 4 shots.  My Rocky grinder is set to 10.  A double shot
> has been weighed out to 14 grams.  The machine is preheated and a
> blank or two is run.  My double shots are taking 22-27 seconds.  I ran
> both the Liquid Amber and my Sumatra Drip.  Little difference.  the
> crema is very light in color and thin.  The coffee is fine for lattee
> but I like and espresso but the taste is dominated by thin and bitter
> overtones.
> Please Help Me!!
> Hank
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