[Homeroast] Making Espresso

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 07:34:02 CDT 2010


I have been roasting coffee for 10 years or so and don't post here
often.  I am a dedicated drip coffee guy.  But my wife loves her
Lattes.  4-5 years ago I purchased a Gaggia Classic.   I played with
the machine for a few weeks but never got my shots where they needed
to be.

Yesterday the wife asked if I would set it back up and start making
her Lattes (which she has been buying at the local coffee shop).  I
roasted I pound of Liquid Amber that was still in the bottom of the
bean bin.  I spent most of the afternoon making this nasty crap that I
drank about 4 shots.  My Rocky grinder is set to 10.  A double shot
has been weighed out to 14 grams.  The machine is preheated and a
blank or two is run.  My double shots are taking 22-27 seconds.  I ran
both the Liquid Amber and my Sumatra Drip.  Little difference.  the
crema is very light in color and thin.  The coffee is fine for lattee
but I like and espresso but the taste is dominated by thin and bitter

Please Help Me!!


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