[Homeroast] Turning Bottomless Portafilter

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Sat Aug 28 08:56:44 CDT 2010

 I made my Microcasa bottomless p/f using a hole saw in a drill press. 
Dressed it with hand files & it looks professionally done. P/F was clamped 
in a vice securely clamped to the d/p shelf. Also opened up a La Spaziale 
bottomless the same way when I went to a triple basket. It's not rocket 
science but you do need to exercise common sense & take the same precautions 
you should be using around any power tool.

John B.

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From: "Joseph Robertson" <theotherjo at gmail.com>

> Well RayO,
> I did enjoy reading this one. Although if I hadn't worn a  welders hat
> studied metallurgy in college and a worked as machinist in a former life I
> probably would have not responded to this post. I do believe I could cut 
> my
> next portafilter in the time it took you to write this last post of yours.
> In fact I'm temped to give it a try. If I do I will post the results in 
> this
> thread. Even from the hospital if I have to.
> I have eaten a lot of crow and hat in my day but I think not this time.
pictures -upload yours!) : 

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