[Homeroast] Alpenrost - end of service

Manjo Iyer manjo at manjo.net
Thu Aug 26 11:46:26 CDT 2010

After almost a decade of roasting my alpenrost finally quit, it was
pretty dramatic. I was roasting a batch of sumatra lintong blue batak
and I was going to roast it FC++. I heard the beans enter 2nd crack
and I heard the roaster make some odd noises, a few seconds later I
was going to push the cool button when all the lights went out and the
machine just died. I had to quickly dump the beans as they started to
sizzle in the hot drum. I really enjoyed using this machine. Last time
I was in SFO I visited sweetmarias with an intention of buying a
HotTop roaster, but maria advised me to wait till the alpenrost quit
working, shipping was free any way. So yesterday I placed the order
for a Hot Top. Lets see if I can get 10yrs out of it, I am excited
about it as I can *see* my beans roasting its going to be fun after
roasting for so many years in the blind.

Cogito Ergo Sum
--- manjo

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