[Homeroast] Behmor Roasts (thus far)

Dan Kellgren dkellgren at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 21:58:30 CDT 2010

I just completed my 3rd roast in the Behmor.  My results thus far are:

   - Honduras Organic Marcala - [P2, A, 1/4] - 4 ounces - Had to add all 2
   minutes. Barely made it through first crack.  Results were a very lightly
   roasted coffee that I would score 5/10.
   - Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza - [P3, C, 1/2] - 4 ounces - Was able to take
   it just into second crack!  Unfortunately, the final result was a very flat
   and bland roast that had little character that I scored a low 4/10.
   - Panama Finca La Camiseta - [P3, C, 1] - 8 ounces - Upped the volume to
   a 1/2 pound, but set the roaster to 1 pound.  It's almost 11PM and I'm
   drinking a full cup because I JUST roasted, so this roast has had ZERO
   rest.  But so far, a huge improvement.  8/10.  Interested in how this will
   be over the next 2-3 days.

Question for the Behmor roasters.  On all three roasts, I've had between
6-10 beans down in or under the chafe collector after the roast.  Some are
totally charred, some are still pretty green.  Is this normal?  Sure doesn't
seem like it should be.

So far, I really like this roaster.  I'm just having a hard time not knowing
my roasting temperature (former manual Whirley-Pop roaster with Fluke
digital temperature).  I'm also wondering if my Whirley-Pop roasts will just
always be brighter than the drum-roasted Behmor?  If so, I will miss my
bright Kenya AA...


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