[Homeroast] My Time in Coffee H#ll is About to End...

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Fri Aug 27 00:06:48 CDT 2010

I will admit to buying Greenline from Metropolis (green homeroaster version of their Red Line Blend, which latter is blended after the components are roasted) when I run out of Liquid Amber or Monkey.   (I suspect that many excellent small-scale roasters buy SM greens anyway).

Oh, and be careful at Whole Foods--the bins used to have "filled on" dates but now they have "roasted on" dates instead.  I bought some med. roast Allegro espresso purportedly roasted 8/18; it was fine on the 21st, but when I brewed it on the 22nd, the crema had already thinned.
On Aug 26, 2010, at 10:07 PM, Lynne wrote:

> Yeah, I thought of doing something like that. I did buy some greens from a
> local
> roaster once when I ran out before, but that was a few years ago, and I felt
> kind
> of guilty, cuz I'm not a customer.
> When I thought about buying something for $12 a lb, (knowing I was going to
> be
> out for a few months), it just seemed insane at the time. The money needed
> to go
> to more important things (yeah, sacrilege, I know - but them's the facts).
> I managed to get some good ol' Eight O'Clock that wasn't stale - except when
> I bought
> some at my local big box store. Ack, pfft - stale, stale - I was so
> desperate that I tried
> the re-roasting trick that I sometimes use for my homeroast when the roast
> is 'off.'
> You know, when the beans are stale, there is no reviving them. I don't even
> think Jesus
> could bring those babies back to life!  Ugh!!
> No matter - my order will be here soon. Can't wait!!
> Lynne

Peace & song, 

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