[Homeroast] My Time in Coffee H#ll is About to End...

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 22:40:02 CDT 2010

Steve -

Well, the closest place that roasts near here - well, I bought greens fr
them a few yrs ago, but I don't go there at all. No - once, it was rare, but
I was in the area, bought a cup - and I had to throw it out. It was horrid.
So I didn't want to waste my money buying their roasted, and didn't have the
heart to ask to buy their greens (since I wasn't a customer). I'd still have
to really go out of my way - I'm in a beautiful spot for the time present,
but it's really like an island here - there is one way on & off (a causeway)
and it takes awhile to get anywhere. Plus I don't drive much - I injured my
knee a few yrs ago, and wouldn't you know it, my dogs (all three, lol)
decided to take me flying a couple of months ago - and I hurt my other knee
(hey, now they match!). So I've been sticking close to home.

Anyway, up until this past week it was even too hot to roast (no a/c here,
and being right next to the ocean didn't make the 95 degree plus weather
seem any cooler). Then it got cold, and was raining the whole week. It was
nice today, but I'm still wondering if summer is over already. :O

Ha - you worked across from Folgers, and I used to live in the same city as
New England Coffee, the original suppliers of Dunkin Donuts coffee! Ugh, it
was awful then, and it's awful now, I'm sure - but my whole family, like me,
feels nostalgic when we smell coffee roasting - smells like home (and I
thought that even before I started roasting my own).

I settled for Eight O'Clock - not the worst, and some days it wasn't too,
too bad. I could even finish the cup! (Loaded with cream, of course - and I
had just gotten used to drinking my homeroast black).

(dreaming about my order that is being carried by elves, I believe - it went
out so fast, it has to be that.)

> <sigh, shaking head>
> You *have* to find a place somewhere in your area that roasts their own.
>  They may or may not have coffee as good as Sweet Marias but they *will*
> have green coffee you can get from them.  Yeah, it'll probably cost more /
> pound, odds are strong it won't be as good as what Tom offers, but it'll get
> you by *much* better than the horrible stuff you resorted to.

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