[Homeroast] My Time in Coffee H#ll is About to End...

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 22:00:51 CDT 2010

Yeah, my daughter went to Montreal a week ago. When she got back, she phoned
me - and told me she brought back some coffee for me.

*Coffee!! *

Gasp - she was in the land of bagels, and she gets me roasted coffee! In
fact, she started to read the label and she mumbled something about dark
roast.. she *mus*t know that I don't like dark roasts, so I think that's why
she mumbled it. She didn't realize what she bought, until then.

But her heart was in the right place, and I don't have the *heart* to say
anything, so I'll accept the gift with joy.


On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 11:31 PM, Sandy Andina <sandraandina at mac.com> wrote:

> nothing to be ashamed of, Lynne--there have been times between roasts (no
> beans, or too recently roasted) when I've resorted to buying beans from
> Intelly, Metropolis or Allegro......even (gasp!) K-Cups!  (Losing patience
> with the family Keurig Platinum, which has started short-cupping again--the
> little Mini which travels on car trips does behave itself).   Recently even
> got a gift of freshly roasted DaKine, ground (he knows not what he did,
> Lord!) for French Press.  The thought was what counted....but it still
> brewed up pretty nicely.

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