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Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Thu Aug 26 18:52:51 CDT 2010

The siren song of autotragic operation.  Some of these things were 
actually marketed and sold.  Getting them to function as described is a 
real challenge.  Reliability is not an issue as there was none.

The first 40 years of the 20th century is littered with these gadgets.

Doug Hoople wrote:
>>From Rich's link:
> *"A further object is to provide what may be termed an automatic coffee
> maker, which will function automatically to perform the coffee making
> operations and to keep the coffee at a desired temperature for serving. In
> this connection my invention aims to control the timing of the coffee making
> functions, regardless of the number of cups of coffee being made, to the end
> that uniformly delicious coffee will be produced with out need of the
> housewife or operator keeping watch over the device to perform some manual
> operation in the nature of timing, or adjusting, or preventing recurrence of
> the coffee making process."*
> Two things pop out here.
> 1) That mid-twentieth century obsession with convenience that trumps most
> other considerations.
> 2) The aversion to "some manual operation."
> But also, as always in markets, whether it can be kept or not, THE
> PROMISE... "to the end that uniformly wretched coffee will be produced."
> Oops, sorry, the quote was "uniformly delicious" wasn't it?  But that's a
> promise that mass-market automatic coffeemakers have uniformly failed to
> keep, in spite of all the decades of bringing the miracle and money clout of
> market forces to bear.
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