[Homeroast] Monday Morning Cup

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 18:46:55 CDT 2010

I think that my vac pot and my open-boiler La Peppina espresso machine are
probably equally dangerous, but while I don't know if that's necessarily
part of the appeal, I do enjoy using such simple and elegant ways to make
coffee without the compromises of plastic and protection from litigation
resulting in inferior brew methods.  As for the percolator replacing the vac
pot due to it's robustness, that leaves out the clear glass pyrex perc
pots.  I bought one at an antique store in Cayucos only to break the funnel
in the store and end up having to pay for it during my summer camping trip
to Morro Bay.  Luckily,  I found a compatible Pyrex glass percolator at
Goodwill for much cheaper and am using the more desirable kettle from the
Cayucos model with the parts from the Goodwill model.  It doesn't make great
coffee, but it's fun to watch the naked extraction.  I think roasting
coffee, modding popcorn poppers, etc. could also be considered a dangerous
activity as well.  How many of you have let that stop you?

You can see a video of it here:

As for the http://www.baharris.org/coffee/ site, I could spend all day
looking at all the lovely vac pots and filter mechanisms (like the Kent
ceramic filter).  I hope someday to find a vintage vac pot in my thrift
store travels with a pliable gasket, but I'm not holding my breath.

As for my morning coffee, I continue to use the Chemex for convenience, but
brought in some ground coffee from the Baratza Vario at home and made a
delicious cup of Panama honey processed coffee in the CCD at work.  I had
brought in my crappy false burr grinder to use at work instead of the
whirley blade, but am considering sending that home with my dad as his
crappy false burr grinder's timer died and it looks like a good grind of a
fresh coffee held in a jar for half a day may be better then a crappy grind
just minutes before.

The folks have been drinking me out of coffee... the last batch lasted just
over two days so I roasted up almost two pounds last night (Panama and
Kenya) and will probably roast some more for the weekend.  It makes me dizzy
just thinking about it, but I've been enjoying roasting and drinking all
this coffee.

Who knew that bringing up the re-discovered vac pot with the introduction of
a good grinder would create such a response.  I feel I've stirred the (vac)
pot here, and that wasn't my intention.  It is good to see active posting,
though, and exchange of ideas.


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