[Homeroast] Monday Morning Cup

Doug Hoople doughoople at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 18:34:17 CDT 2010

>From Rich's link:

*"A further object is to provide what may be termed an automatic coffee
maker, which will function automatically to perform the coffee making
operations and to keep the coffee at a desired temperature for serving. In
this connection my invention aims to control the timing of the coffee making
functions, regardless of the number of cups of coffee being made, to the end
that uniformly delicious coffee will be produced with out need of the
housewife or operator keeping watch over the device to perform some manual
operation in the nature of timing, or adjusting, or preventing recurrence of
the coffee making process."*
Two things pop out here.

1) That mid-twentieth century obsession with convenience that trumps most
other considerations.
2) The aversion to "some manual operation."

But also, as always in markets, whether it can be kept or not, THE
PROMISE... "to the end that uniformly wretched coffee will be produced."
Oops, sorry, the quote was "uniformly delicious" wasn't it?  But that's a
promise that mass-market automatic coffeemakers have uniformly failed to
keep, in spite of all the decades of bringing the miracle and money clout of
market forces to bear.

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