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Hi John:

his is a very interesting query!

My thought is that the beans should cool before stored because you do not
want moisture to take hold in your jar of fresh roasted.

If you put hot/moderate cool beans in a covered container and put it into
the fridge you will clearly have moisture build up...

you don't want that.

the beans will cool within a few minutes with natural air flow (in a big
dish of some kind, colander)  i will not contaminate the cooling beans.

run a test on a batch using your pop it in the fridge method and allowing
the beans to cool for 5 minutes or so them but in fridge

tasting is so personal and if you think they re better then they are without
question. honestly I do not think the beans will stay fresh any longer
regardless. everytime you open the jar from the fridge you let in air and
expose the beans to possible moisture when put back unless you
use mason jars and vac seal them.


On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 11:08 AM, John M. Howison <johnmhowison at gmail.com>wrote:

> Does everybody believe in  cooling the roast before storing it?  What
> is the supposed virtue of rapid cooling?
> I store roasted beans in ceramic jars.  I empty a still-hot roast into
> a pre-cooled ceramic jar, cap the jar, and either pop the closed jar
> into the fridge immediately or let it cool slowly on countertop.  The
> idea is to isolate the roasted beans from exposure to air (with its
> noxious oxygen) as soon as possible  While I don't claim superior
> olfactory bulbs and palate, I prefer the resulting cup, and like to
> believe that the beans would "stay fresh longer" if not promptly used.
> Wld like to hear from commentators endowed with sensory faculties
> better than mine.  That's probably most people.
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