[Homeroast] Monday Morning Cup

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Thu Aug 26 10:24:42 CDT 2010

Those steam bubbles are an insulator and the glass temp does go up.  The 
water in the upper chamber is below boiling.  Check its temperature as 
it is higher on the top hat the bottom.  The bottom goes down first. 
There is already one lister who has experienced superheat and implosion 
is next if it has not happened already and was not mentioned.  These 
pots went out of favor with the masses for many reasons, these are some 
of them.  There is no valid reason for a heat burst.

Allon Stern wrote:
> On Aug 26, 2010, at 8:13 AM, Rich wrote:
>> There is a potential problem. The "terminal heat burst" increases the temperature of the bottom of the lower vessel a greater amount over the water in the upper vessel.  This results in a greatly increased stress on the structural integrity of the bottom of the lower vessel as the cooler upper vessel water is rapidly applied.  A loss of lower vessel structural integrity is a real probability.
>> Just because an event has not occurred yet does no preclude the event happening in the future.
>> Coffee pot implosion is a shattering event.
> Boiling water has a hard time making it over it's (adjusted for local air pressure) boiling point. If you don't let the bottom go dry, you're probably okay.
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> allon
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