[Homeroast] Tom's YouTube on the Quest M3

Rbt Tut rotuts at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 08:24:47 CDT 2010

As Usual Im late to the game  if you have not seen this its here and Most


Im hoping to some how keep up to date on this machine either here or email
from SM

that being said, I much prefer a calibrated reference when I roast and use
the i-roast 2 with a Taylor long probe thermometer through

the top that gets positioned in the bean mass at close to the same point
each roasting cycle.

its not that that temp "is" the roasting beans temp but it is reproducible
enough for the system that then I modify my roasts

based on that temp

it seems to me that the dial temp probe on the M3 might be positioned lower
so that it can stay in the bean mass rather than add on a

K or J wire which periodically would need to be replaced.

hoping for the best that this machine might evolve into a very nice addition
for the home roaster.

and it does look mighty fine too!

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