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I know what you are saying but variations in ambient temperature, humidity, bean age, voltage, not to mention the actual roaster will result in profiles that are not quite the same (though they might be a good starting point).  In addition to that, even after getting a roast right, the taster might prefer a different level of roast. There is no substitute for seeing and tasting the roast in person
I think that the best way to understand a particular bean is compare as many roasts as possible.  Unfortunately, if the rate of consumption is low this can take a long time, which makes things even harder by requiring a good taste memory.     Some options:
1) Note where you are to see if anyone else has the same interest.  A meet up with other roasters is something I've intended to do for quite some time. (I'm in the Twin Cities by the way)
2) Sweet Marias sells roasted coffee (though not always what they are selling green).  You could by the roasted coffee and it's green version and use the roast as a basis for comparison.
3) Many professional roasters will let you buy the greens of coffee that they roast.  Buy greens and roasted and compare (I know that Paradise Roasters in the Twin Cities will do this)


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I've been roasting SM beans for 8-10 years, and bought a Behmor about a year
ago. I am the lone coffee drinker in the house and brew in a Technivorm to
the 6 cup line in the AM. I buy 10-15 lbs in 1-2 lb bags at a time to save
on shipping and drink Central/So. American beans. I always try a lot of
different beans from the New Arrivals list and generally like to roast to
FC+. I'm pretty laid back and definitely not as discerning as many of you.
But the net-net is that I never get to re-order a bean that I like. So I get
one shot at guessing the perfect roast.

I'm in something of a (pleasant) rut. I always roast a full 1-2 lb bag of
beans... either two 8 oz batches or three 10-11 oz batches. I set the Behmor
to 1 lb., P1 (though I recently tried P2) and generally hit the cool button
a few seconds into 2nd crack. The beans come out looking chocolaty brown.
and compare to the SM FC+ pic.I have experimented with lighter roasts and
when I get them right, they're great, but sometimes I under-roast and the
coffee is thin and awful, so I mostly take the sure bet and go FC+, which I

So here's my question. Wouldn't it be nice if I actually knew how other
people roasted a specific bean. For example, I'm looking at a pound of green
El Salvador Los Luchadores Pacamara. I'm sure some folks have roasted some
in a Behmor and got it just right (or just wrong). I saw the Behmor Thing.
Any chance someone could create a simple repository where folks could post
their Behmor settings for specific beans? Or something like that.

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