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Some may recall it's even worse than Allon alludes to, proved quite
claringly at PNWGII '04. 

Tom brought cupping samples of a bunch of Panama coffees he was checking
out. We cupped them with Tom getting to help decide which he was going to
bring in to offer on SM. There were two "ringers" in the Panama cupping. One
a stellar Robusta sample Tom had roasted, and the other what many considered
at the time THE BEST coffee in the world (ISH) which was roasted and sealed
in a mason jar hot with zero cooling. (Alchemist John's dasturdly idea and
deed:) During the cupping to a person everyone selected the same coffee as
the worst and everyone thought it was the Robusta. Nope, it was the
mistreated ISH. Sealing hot had baked the ISH to foul oblivion. FWIW good
ISH (which I haven't had in 5 years) is the only coffee I'd take over Panama
Esmeralda Gesha.

Indeed properly (within ~5min) cooling the roast to room temp is mandatory
before sealing.

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> While the beans are still hot, roasting is still happening.
> Decisively cooling the beans will stop the roast at that point.
> Oxygen isn't the #1 enemy. TIME is. I'm not saying that 
> oxygen doesn't play a role, but you can leave your beans in 
> an open jar for a while and not worry about it. You don't 
> have to rush them into a sealed container right after the 
> roast at the expense of not cooling them.
> If you are in doubt, then conduct an experiment - take a 
> roast, put half in a jar and seal it immediately, put the 
> other half on a cool aluminum cookie sheet. When you've 
> gotten back from putting the jar the fridge, the beans on the 
> tray should be cool. If not, stir them around a bit until 
> they're cool enough to handle. You might even blow a fan on 
> them, and get them down to room temp pretty quickly. Then 
> seal them in a jar and leave it on the countertop.
> Wait one week.
> Prepare two cups of coffee, one from each batch.
> Taste them both paying close attention, take notes.
> Report.
> -
> allon

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