[Homeroast] My Time in Coffee H#ll is About to End...

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 22:20:27 CDT 2010

Worst thing for a homeroaster befell me awhile ago - I ran out of beans. Not

only that, my finances have been tight (like just about everyone else these

Been waiting until I had the money for an order. Put an order in this
Got an email a few hours later that it was already shipped! (SM always
me). Oh - the website is AWESOME now - the ordering page has a terrific,
design, right in keeping with the way Sweet Maria's has always been (it's
late, I've
been working on school work & I can't come up w/the right words). Best of
all - it
works great.

I ran out a couple of months ago. In the meantime, I've been making do with
- cover your ears) grocery store coffee (oops, sorry, I should have told you
to cover
your eyes). Found a whole bean coffee that wasn't burnt beyond recognition
at my
local grocery store (couldn't afford to go to anyplace around here that
roasts their own
beans, but even if I did - I doubt that it would be worth the price they
charge today).

Sad to say, even though the one I finally decided to get didn't have a *huge
* amt of acid
in it, no amount of cream could make this stuff worth drinking, (even drank
tea instead
for awhile, but I gotta have my coffee...). But I drank it, just the same.

*Can't wait.*

For the record here's what I ordered:

Ethiopia FTO Shoye Sidamo WP Decaf - 5 lbs,
Panama Carmen 'Sieite Dias de Bellota' - 5 lbs
(and just for fun) I also threw in 1 lb each of:
Ecuador Quilanga Microlot Especial
Brazil Joao de Campos WP Decaf.

Did I mention that I can't wait? :P  This is better than Chirstmas when I
was a kid!

(doing the Snoopy Dance-of-Joy, and throwing away the antacid tablets!!)

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