[Homeroast] Behmor profiles

Eoghan Abundell abundell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 19:27:38 CDT 2010

I've been roasting SM beans for 8-10 years, and bought a Behmor about a year
ago. I am the lone coffee drinker in the house and brew in a Technivorm to
the 6 cup line in the AM. I buy 10-15 lbs in 1-2 lb bags at a time to save
on shipping and drink Central/So. American beans. I always try a lot of
different beans from the New Arrivals list and generally like to roast to
FC+. I'm pretty laid back and definitely not as discerning as many of you.
But the net-net is that I never get to re-order a bean that I like. So I get
one shot at guessing the perfect roast.

I'm in something of a (pleasant) rut. I always roast a full 1-2 lb bag of
beans... either two 8 oz batches or three 10-11 oz batches. I set the Behmor
to 1 lb., P1 (though I recently tried P2) and generally hit the cool button
a few seconds into 2nd crack. The beans come out looking chocolaty brown.
and compare to the SM FC+ pic.I have experimented with lighter roasts and
when I get them right, they're great, but sometimes I under-roast and the
coffee is thin and awful, so I mostly take the sure bet and go FC+, which I

So here's my question. Wouldn't it be nice if I actually knew how other
people roasted a specific bean. For example, I'm looking at a pound of green
El Salvador Los Luchadores Pacamara. I'm sure some folks have roasted some
in a Behmor and got it just right (or just wrong). I saw the Behmor Thing.
Any chance someone could create a simple repository where folks could post
their Behmor settings for specific beans? Or something like that.


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