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To put it short and simple, the virtue of cooling a roast rapidly is to stop
the process as fast as possible to keep the roast level were it was when you
dropped it.
With out rapid cooling the beans continue to roast. Simple as that. Don't
make this any more then it is. If you do not do this before packaging the
roast will continue till cooled.
Do not package the beans in anything until fully cooled.
The master roaster who I trained under explained that the gassing off of Co2
and other gasses peaks at 15 minutes. In other words he makes sure all beans
are packed in <15minutes after complete cooling if you want a protective
layer of Co2. This gets into another subject and it only matters if you can
seal in an o2 free environment.   Allon put it well in his comment. Don't
take any one person's word for it. Test your roasts. Taste your roasts
cooled or not cooled. The whole concept here is to be able to repeat your
results.  So eliminate as many variables as possible. Stop your roasting as
fast as possible.

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 11:08 AM, John M. Howison <johnmhowison at gmail.com>wrote:

> Does everybody believe in  cooling the roast before storing it?  What
> is the supposed virtue of rapid cooling?
> I store roasted beans in ceramic jars.  I empty a still-hot roast into
> a pre-cooled ceramic jar, cap the jar, and either pop the closed jar
> into the fridge immediately or let it cool slowly on countertop.  The
> idea is to isolate the roasted beans from exposure to air (with its
> noxious oxygen) as soon as possible  While I don't claim superior
> olfactory bulbs and palate, I prefer the resulting cup, and like to
> believe that the beans would "stay fresh longer" if not promptly used.
> Wld like to hear from commentators endowed with sensory faculties
> better than mine.  That's probably most people.
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