[Homeroast] Auto-filling Miss Silvia

Terry Stockdale terry at terrystockdale.com
Tue Aug 17 19:35:57 CDT 2010

Every now and then, it's nice to get a message like the one I got today:

>Message: Thanks for article on plumbing Miss Silvia. I have just 
>completed the task and would never have attempted it without for 
>your instructions.

This visitor didn't hint how he found my web site, whether he came 
from the link on Sweet Maria's or from Google, Home Barista, 
CoffeeGeek, or somewhere else.

But, that's why I put up my coffee pages - in hopes that they would 
help someone else discover PID'ing Miss Silvia or plumbing Silvia to 
auto-fill her reservoir, to reset her thermostat, roast with an RK 
drum, or other fun coffee adventures I've enjoyed.

One of these days, I need to add pages on my Vario grinder and my La 
Spaziale Vivaldi II.  I still haven't gotten around to selling Miss 
Silvia - but the wife is hinting that it's about time for it to go (I 
got my Vivaldi II about 18 months ago).

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