[Homeroast] Moving From WhirleyPop to Behmor

Dean dean_schaffran at wildblue.net
Tue Aug 17 18:55:53 CDT 2010

  Hi Dan,

I know a little about how you might feel--I just recently got a Behmor 
after years of roasting in a pair of split-wired Rostos with Variac 
heat control & digital thermocouple thermometers.  One of the motors 
tossed a bearing so I was down to no spare roaster. <Horrors!>  I 
described that situation to non-coffee-roasting friends and I goet 
nothing but the goofy look.

A small frustration at first was no way to sample bean temperature. 
(OK--it's still frustrating).  Also the roast development seems to be 
very differnet--the hot air roaster got 1/3# of beans to yellow/tan in 
4-5 minutes and then evenly to first C and second C.  I usually tried 
for a total roast time of around 14-16 minutes for a FC-FC+.  Behmor 
1/2#-P3-D-++ takes >10 min to get to yellow/tan and 12-13 min to start 
of 1C,  tops out at 16 min, which has been barely adequate on a few of 
my first roasts.   I need to work it a bit--maybe try the P1 cycle or 
use less weight.  I hope I get the hang of this one faster than I did 
the Rostos.

Best of luck!


Coffee roasting in da weeds

On 8/17/2010 7:25 AM, Dan Kellgren wrote:
> Just ordered (well, Friday night) the Behmor 1600 roaster from SM (with the
> nice 8lbs. of included greens).  I've roasted for YEARS with my manual
> stainless WhirleyPop, Coleman stove, stopwatch, Fluke digital thermometer,
> flashlight, and collendar with fan for cooling.  UPS says it arrives
> Monday.  Can't wait to experiment!
> Dan
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