[Homeroast] Reprise: what exactly are "quakers"?

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Aug 14 18:24:19 CDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 10:43:00AM -0400, Joe wrote:
> I'm curious though about one thing I see mentioned on the SM site
> frequently. What exactly are quakers (and the other ones supposed to
> remove) and how does one identify them? I looked at the glossary on
> the SM site and it wasn't much help to me.

Having taken Tom's advice, I have a new description: the quakers are
the lightest beans - the ones that taste yucky.  Provided you've
adjusted your taster to accept normal beans as tasting "good", which
may not always be easy...

Had the first real quakers (2 beans in a 115g green wt batch of Moplaco
Yerga Cheffe (I wanted to type "Chaffe" there, it would have been
appropriate)).  I can see what Tom was getting at, saying that they
tend to have a nutty flavor, almost peanutty.  I can't really describe
what was so unpleasant about the taste, as I had a cup of water ready
to hand and flushed the stuff out of the tasting chamber as quickly as
possible.  After that, a nice, normal bean tasted very good indeed. 
Still have a rather unpleasant texture, though.

A delicate balance is necessary between sticking with the things
you know and can rely upon, and exploring things which have the
potential to be better.  Assuming that either of these strategies
is the one true way is silly.  -- Graydon Hoare

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