[Homeroast] New interesting Starbucks thing

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 12:28:55 CDT 2010

If this is interesting, it should have a file where I keep such stuff. No
file exists where I keep anything triggered by a Starbucks search query.
Maybe I finally got the Box of 1's and 0's trained.

In the early morning cool, I roasted Panama Finca La Carmiseta. After
completion of 1st, throttled back heat for an additional minute and put on
brakes. Not a touch of 2nd. Time will tell-  The first batch got just built
to an intense second where I stopped it.

When I tossed the smoking, snapping batch into the colander in the blower
intake, that was 5 or 6 seconds away from stirring them with my bare hands.
We loved it.

Egad! This one is bright. It's like a double train wreck. Time Has Spoken!
Not so fast for a shot...

Cheers, Buhay, Gallai hyn fod yn dda rhost. Hi wrth ei bodd y espresso nawr!
-RayO aka Opa!

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