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One more thing-

<..."satisfactory" coffee. Most definitely preferable to "unsatisfactory"
["satisfactory" as in For Four Bucks It'll Do? or "satisfactory," I'll pay
for it?]

If coffee were served and paid On Approval, with the stipulation that any
cup be rejected or approved with a completed rating survey- one per evening.
That Cup or Shot is refunded when you turn in the survey at the end of the
visit if the comments are specific, whether negative or positive.

The inevitable habitual whiners have to correctly assess the Dreck cup
faults to get the free cup or shot. Consider hiring the ones that are
consistently correct.

My point with Titanic was that even the state-of-the-art ship of the day
with the most thoroughly vetted, experienced and respected Captain [not] at
the wheel, was doomed by a series of events. Captain Smith's credentials
were such that he should have seen things accumulating against his ship.

Foresight on just one of the problems might have broken the cascade and
prevented the disaster, although the missing binoculars for the Crow's Nest
might not have helped in the available darkness. Imagine the radio operators
of the most powerful receiver and transmitter afloat favoring commercial
traffic over weather and iceberg warnings?

Smith let his crew do things that cascaded the disaster, and was asleep
during passage through a known ice field. They diverted south, but not quite
far enough so they wouldn't lose record time getting to New York.

<OTOH some choose goals of excellence which includes exploring boudaries and

E.J. is on my "No Sail List" because of his misteaks. Misteaks contribute to
the mathematical variation that W. Edwards Deming taught Japanese
manufacturers to use to rein in quality control issues after UUW2.

The Japanese, starting from nearly Zero, listened and learned. Big American
[auto] manufacturers wouldn't give him the time of day. It shouldn't have,
but our stuff went pretty flaky. It's pretty hard to learn when You Already

American women, who might not have known anything about manufacturing,
acquitted themselves pretty well building the Rolls-Royce super charged V-12
Merlin engines for P51 Mustang aircraft. The Meteor was the same engine for
tanks, without the blowers.

When you have a dog in the race, things begin to happen. Even the Master
Race had no chance against American women in a Packard factory in Detroit.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Lloniannau -RayO, aka Opa!
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> Nothing inherently wrong with a goal of "satisfactory" coffee. Most
> definitely preferable to "unsatisfactory" coffee.
> OTOH some choose goals of excellence which includes exploring boudaries and
> variations.
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