[Homeroast] New York Times article on adding water to wine andcoffee

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Tue Aug 3 18:17:52 CDT 2010

Agreed, taste is subjective and just because an article is in the NYT 
and the author has credentials is no reason to swallow it whole. I 
just think the idea of overpowering our palates with higher 
concentrations can lead to blocking them, in some way. I evaluate 
espresso, in part, by adding water and making an "americano" and a 
lot of times it clarifies some flavor that I am missing in the 
straight, full strength espresso. But the idea of rolling back to 
watery, economized coffee brewing is definitely  not progress either. 
I took this article more to be "bypass brewing" i.e. adding water 
after the coffee is brewed to find a strength where we can sense it 
better. Anyway, I never read this or anything as settled fact, it's 
always a matter to debate. And debate we will! -Tom

>As much as I respect many of the "authority's having to do with this article
>including and especially our host Tom, what we are talking about here is
>taste. As RayO said very clearly and I quote, "Whatever works- Have it your
>way". This is all about YOUR individual palate and your individual taste
>buds. If you like it go for it. If you want to streatch your palate go for
>it. If you think it tastes better because you dilute it with water, hey I
>say go for it. Don't even ask me or your best friend. Just do it. What is
>the worst thing that can happen? Ahhh, it won't taste good?
>Life goes on. I say taste it and taste it again.
>On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 9:02 PM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:
>>  Fair amount of trash talking from some about the article.
>>  Interesting, a most respected coffee authority and our host Tom said "The
>>  article is by Harold McGee too - someone I respect a lot.". Hmmm, not trash
>>  talk here.
>>  The author's coffee portion is based on an interview with James Hoffman,
>>  2007 WBC Barista Champion and after his year of WBC Champion duties founder
>>  of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in England where he's continued exploring
>>  coffee brewing methods to the extreme.
>>  While I don't necessarily agree part and parcel with all Jim's ideas, I'm
>>  most certainly not so closed minded as to be, well closed minded to not
>>  exploring taste possibilities. And I'd most certainly never denigrate his
>>  sincerity or passion or palate for great coffee in any brewed form.
>>  Keep doing exactly what you've always done and you'll get what you've
>>  always
>>  got. How narrow minded and boring.
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