[Homeroast] New York Times article on adding water to wine andcoffee

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Mon Aug 2 23:02:54 CDT 2010

Fair amount of trash talking from some about the article. 

Interesting, a most respected coffee authority and our host Tom said "The
article is by Harold McGee too - someone I respect a lot.". Hmmm, not trash
talk here.

The author's coffee portion is based on an interview with James Hoffman,
2007 WBC Barista Champion and after his year of WBC Champion duties founder
of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in England where he's continued exploring
coffee brewing methods to the extreme.

While I don't necessarily agree part and parcel with all Jim's ideas, I'm
most certainly not so closed minded as to be, well closed minded to not
exploring taste possibilities. And I'd most certainly never denigrate his
sincerity or passion or palate for great coffee in any brewed form.

Keep doing exactly what you've always done and you'll get what you've always
got. How narrow minded and boring.

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