[Homeroast] Re-posts

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sun Aug 1 00:57:16 CDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 01:08:26PM -0500, Larry Dorman wrote:
> Fidonet and stand-alone BBSes, actually... :)

Fight-o-net, ah, the memories... the dinners at Kahala... the burned
out node operators... the excessively annoying...

> At any rate, it doesn't seem like there is nearly as much traffic on
> the list as there used to be...  did a bunch of people move to the
> bulletin board and no longer post/participate here?  Feel free to
> respond above, below, or in-line.  ;)

I joined the forum and signed up for this list (1) back around the
beginning of the year (which was also the time I began roasting).  My
expectation was that I'd follow the list and occasionally remember to
look in on the forum, but for some reason it's the other way around. 
Perhaps it's that the forum, despite the drawback of being a web
imitation of a mailing list (2), helps enough by encouraging the
separation of topics to make it easier for me to skip over, eg.,
espresso discussions, or the how to clean up the Behmor after a fire
threads.  (both of which I do read, but I can skip over them and others
when I don't have time to spend on things that are, for me, less
relevant)  Or maybe it's just that I happened along at the right time
to fall in with a bunch of folks who enjoy chatting about coffee and
bits of life that intersect our roasting, brewing, etc.

Or maybe it's that I'm never annoyed by top posting or seven-reply
deep piles of irrelevant quoted text in the forum. ;-)

(1) BTW, I'm not quite sure how I found the list back then.  When
someone asked about it recently, I couldn't find any mention of it at
SM's site.  I mention this becuase it just might have something to do
with declining interest in the list, if there is in fact such decline.

(2) assuming you have a simple traffic sorting .procmailrc or
equivalent and a decent threading MUA.  Lacking those, I guess a web
board might be better, or gmail, even though the thought of the latter
squicks me. :-)

If the best we can do is make technology as dangerous, non-robust,
capricious, arcane, alienating, marginal, and costly as "magic",
then we have really crappy technology.  -- goliard

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