[Homeroast] Rebooting for roasting

Mary Shue mshue at umich.edu
Fri Apr 30 19:29:09 CDT 2010

I waited a little over an hour, I think.  I thought these beans were going
to be toast though.  I did my roast exactly like I did the last time only I
left the door open 15 seconds more (30 seconds total right before first
crack) and then when I went to open the door to speed the cool down (8:00) -
there were bonfire sparks going all over the place!  I was sure it was going
to be the beans but it turns out that I think it was just some excess chaff.
Smelled pretty bad.  Should I continue letting it cool down (that's what I
did this time) if it happens again or do something different.  I don't think
it was the Behmor, I really think it was excess chaff.  Any words of wisdom?
1/2 lb at 1lb, P1, B (20:00)
Opened door from 10:45-10:15
First crack 9:30-8:00ish
Total time 12 min plus cool time.

Mary in A2

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