[Homeroast] Amateurs/Professionals & Craftsmen/Artists

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Fri Apr 30 18:27:42 CDT 2010

A "professional" is simply a person who holds a job and receives 
remuneration for doing it.  An amateur is unpaid.  Neither term implies 
skill and/or competence.  Look in the general press and you will see 
that "professional" is used to imply skill and/or competence, this use 
of professional is incorrect.  Check your Webster Dictionary.  One more 
indication that the talking head is empty.

In most cases the non paid person who is performing a task will have a 
higher competency level than a comparable paid person.

Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> Personally, I like to avoid the term 'amateur' for those very reasons and instead prefer the term 'independant'. In most peoples' minds, amateur seems to suggest second rate, or wannabe. But I have met MANY "professional" Barista's that don't know anything about coffee (in my not so humble opinion). Some of them former co-workers at coffee houses. In her case, the term "professional Barista" had absolutely no correlation with skill behind the bar- it only correlates with time, specifically her experience doing it poorly for 10 years.

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