[Homeroast] Amateurs/Professionals & Craftsmen/Artists

Daniel Remer danielremer at me.com
Wed Apr 28 12:51:00 CDT 2010

My thought on Amateurs is that if they are dedicated they can do  
better than Professionals for the simple reason that they can spend  
time and money on something that for a Professional has to return a  
profit. Some of the best photographers,  writers, potters and  
sculptors are amateurs because they do it for love rather than for  
money, and can afford to devote whatever it takes to progress.

On the other hand Professionals, while they gain competence from  
repetition, can suffer from boredom, burnout and forced compromises to  
quality in order to make money. Sometimes the Amateur and the  
Professional merge, but it's rare and often fleeting.

On Art and Craftsmanship, I'd suggest that a barista who is good  
craftsman (someone who can consistently make a drink of high quality)  
is all I'd aspire to. I have no desire to make one of a kind coffee  
drinks. I just want excellence and repeated excellence. I don't want  
to remember every great shot of espresso I've ever had, just a few  
memories are fine. Coffee is a science, a craft and if someone wants  
to use it to paint their faces with, I guess it's an art too.

Nothing wrong or second rate about wanting to be a amateur craftsman  
of excellent drinks.


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