[Homeroast] RK DRUM- 4 OR 6 LB.?

dennis dennist3 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 09:20:30 CDT 2010

I went through this debate myself a few years back my decision came down 
to "preventing upgradeitis" I went with the 6# even though most of my 
roasts are 2.5-4 pounds I am glad that i have the extra room when i need 

the 6# is a bit more cumbersome to move in and out than the 4# is but 
that is a small price to pay to already be settled with one drum and one 
grill that you can learn from your learning curve will be much faster 
than getting a 4# now and a 6# later

My 6# will do anything from a single bean to a full 6# and i just adjust 
my times accordingly since i have a probe in my grill maintaining the 
temps for a small versus large roast i know what i like the temps to be 
during a roast and i adjust the heat accordingly (honestly the ambient 
air has a larger effect than the roast size on where i set the heat

first suggestion when going to a drum get a full 6# of junk beans and 
burn them... take them to spanish and beyond... all the way to charbucks 
roast slowely so you will better understand your cues to where your 
roast is since your sight is removed you will need to learn everything 
by smell and sound.... try to roast into 1st then back off and try to 
hold your 1st as long as you can then try to drag the space between 1st 
and 2nd then try to hold 2nd then see from there how long until totally 

the smells and sound will stay with you and allow you to have a greater 
understanding of what is happening "under the hood"

second thing you will need to take into account a larger roast will 
"runaway" very easily so plan your cooling accordingly when you do your 
"test run" see how long it takes to cool 6# of beans to room temp 
-longer than i expected and i promptly upgraded my cooler

(Hint for ya if your grill gets too hot and you are trying to slow  down 
a quick open and close of the hood  a few times can dump 30-50 deg off 
your temp and help you slow it a bit...
you may find that the easiest way to pinpoint your roasts is to kill the 
heat a little early and let it "coast into" the finish )

as always YMMV but this works for me

FC1(SW/AW) Dennis True USN (Ret.)

still searching for a job......

On 4/28/2010 6:57 PM, Randy Panduren wrote:
> Posted this on the forum, thought I would drop it here too...
> Hi,
> I'm preparing to build a RK drum/gas grill roaster. I have a new grill with
> sufficient specs to handle a 6 lb. RK drum. In the future I may need the 6
> lb. capacity, as my roasting for friends and family continues to grow.
> However, for the time being I will probably stick to 1-3 pound roasts.
> The drum manufacturer informed me that the 6 lb. drum will perform well with
> small batch sizes, down to 1 lb. However, it seems like the majority of
> folks go with the 4 lb. drum. I'm wondering if I am better off with the 4
> lb. drum for now, and upgrading to the 6 lb. drum if and when I need the
> extra capacity? Or should I just go for the 6 now?
> Any advice from other RK drum users would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> fenster88
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