[Homeroast] RK DRUM- 4 OR 6 LB.?

Bob vegas89014 at cox.net
Thu Apr 29 13:01:05 CDT 2010

MiKe is right and I will amend my post by saying that I could never find 
that point of dialing down the heat with more than a pound without either 
baking or having a runaway. I believe the larger the bean load the harder it 
is to roast well in an RK. Remember one is dealing with a BBQ without 
assisted convection, eyes on beans, and bean mass temp. Time, smell, cracks 
and temp in the BBQ are your only inputs. With enough experience at high 
load  perhaps it can be done.

My cooling is relatively simple--an 18" sieve placed 36" over a large box 
fan--beans cool enough to touch in about 30 seconds


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