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Wed Apr 28 18:53:17 CDT 2010

I did get the white ones, they had four boxes stacked up at Barefoot with
their bags of coffee with a layer of dust on the tops of the top boxes, so I
pulled a box from the bottom... I don't think they're a major sales item for
them but I was glad to find them somewhere were I wouldn't have to spring
for shipping.  Add to that I learned of a special Groupon deal a few weeks
ago where $10 would get you a $20 gift card so I redeemed that and added the
balance to my Barefoot card (after getting the espressos).

So far, I've really been enjoying making 600 ml (20 oz, 1/2 pot, up to the
bump) of coffee in the Chemex which yields three 200 ml cups instead of the
two 200 ml cups I get out of the CCD that I use each morning.  I'm now
looking forward to having company so I can try out a 1200 ml (40 oz, full
pot) batch instead of brewing two CCDs in parallel and getting only 800 ml.
I've been setting the Chemex on my scale so I can weigh the water going in,
the filter (6 g) and 42 grams of coffee weighted about 75 g when I was

Today I made some 4 day old IMV in the Chemex and really enjoyed it.


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7:48 AM, Ed Needham <beans at homeroaster.com> wrote:

> I hope you got the white ones.  The brown ones taste like cardboard and
> impart a taste to the coffee.
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>  I picked up some Chemex filters today, so I'll finally be able to try out
>> the Chemex that Slinkster sent me, ya!
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