[Homeroast] RK DRUM- 4 OR 6 LB.?

Randy Panduren fenster88 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 17:57:16 CDT 2010

Posted this on the forum, thought I would drop it here too...


I'm preparing to build a RK drum/gas grill roaster. I have a new grill with
sufficient specs to handle a 6 lb. RK drum. In the future I may need the 6
lb. capacity, as my roasting for friends and family continues to grow.
However, for the time being I will probably stick to 1-3 pound roasts.

The drum manufacturer informed me that the 6 lb. drum will perform well with
small batch sizes, down to 1 lb. However, it seems like the majority of
folks go with the 4 lb. drum. I'm wondering if I am better off with the 4
lb. drum for now, and upgrading to the 6 lb. drum if and when I need the
extra capacity? Or should I just go for the 6 now?

Any advice from other RK drum users would be appreciated.


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