[Homeroast] Balzac's Pleasures and Pains of Coffee

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 09:38:08 CDT 2010

> First let me comment on what I think I read from RayO. Please correct
> me if
> I misread some part of this thread. Unlike most common thinking,
> Barista's
> of the world are not claiming the title of "Barista". It was passed on
> to
> them by the Italians who came up with the title for a bartenders as we
> know
> them. 

One thing those of us who hit middle age tend to have in common is that
oh-so-fun medical procedure called a colonoscopy.

Lying on the table, waiting for the nurse to administer the anesthetic, the
Dr said to me "This is nurse XXX and she'll be your Barista this morning."
"Oh, I hope she'll be a Bartender instead," I replied.

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