[Homeroast] Balzac's Pleasures and Pains of Coffee

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Thanks Chris.

Here's an sample of what made Balzac become famous:

"sparks shoot all the way up to the brain. From that moment on, everything
becomes agitated. Ideas quick-march into motion like battalions of a grand
army to its legendary fighting ground, and the battle rages. Memories charge
in, bright flags on high; the cavalry of metaphor deploys with a magnificent
gallop; the artillery of logic rushes up with clattering wagons and
cartridges; on imagination's orders, sharpshooters sight and fire; forms and
shapes and characters rear up; the paper is spread with ink—for the nightly
labor begins and ends with torrents of this black water, as a battle opens
and concludes with black powder."

Give me a two triple baskets of espresso and this description marches into


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Balzac's essay on the Pleasures and Pains of Coffee:



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