[Homeroast] Another Chemex offering

gtsteig at comcast.net gtsteig at comcast.net
Fri Apr 23 11:47:23 CDT 2010

Thanks, slinkster. I'd like to have my name thrown into the pot. I used to have a Chemex and have wanted to have one again. 

Terry Steig 

5241 12th Ave. N.E. 

Seattle, WA 98105 

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I found *another* vase disguised as a large Chemex while thrifting today 
and I just really can't use three of the things even in my wildest 
dreams.  For less than a buck with sales tax I could hardly leave it 
there, so... 

I shall take applications until Monday at 3pm central time.  On Monday 
evening I will ask one of my cronies to pull a name from a hand knitted 
hat and the lucky winner shall be notified soon thereafter.  Shipping 
may take a while but eventually I'll find a suitable box and get to the PO. 

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