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What do you think of your mazzer? It is about time for me to upgrade grinders in a couple of months or so, and I have been strongly considering the Mazzer mini. 

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> Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:21:04 -0400
> From: peterznpgcable.com at gmail.com
> To: homeroast at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com
> Subject: [Homeroast] traveling
> C and I are traveling around the country visiting friends and relative for
> the balance of April, May and even part of June.
> We (me) love to home roast and have been doing so since we found Sweet
> Maria's and this list several years ago, about the time or just after miKe
> mcKoffee did :)
> I went through all of the preserving techniques that have recently been
> discussed, and realized that it is better not to bother, just enjoy the
> coffee, at the end of lots of enthusiastic experiments. Now we vac seal all
> the greens we get from Tom in quart size Mason jars. I made a rack for them
> behind a door in my office. It is just floor to ceiling shelves and it was
> wasted space. Too dry in AZ to leave them sitting in bags.
> We left home (LHC, AZ) on or about April 6th. Mostly we drink the Java that
> we bought 60 lbs of from Tom.
> Yup, we love it that much!
> Oh, I did not roast all 60# yet, but just before we left, I roasted about
> 10# (maybe more, but never weighed it), GROUND IT WITH MY VERY LARGE MAZZER,
> and put it in those gallon size plastic storage jars with the screw on lids.
> We had three of them when we started. Yup, ground all those beans to take
> with us! Three gallons of ground coffee! Will report on how it is lasting
> and tasting as time goes on.
> We have almost 2 gallons left, and we also brought one of those plastic
> water heaters with the coil in it that Tom sells, and a couple of CCD's. So
> far the coffee has been great! We left the last of the first gallon with my
> sister in FL. She and her husband both loved it. Of course they have never
> had anything as good, and can't get any more unless they roast their own,
> and they just may start!
> We will be in Danvers MA until the middle of May, visiting our kids and
> grand kids. If anyone nearby is a home roaster and would like to get
> together to maybe try some of my stash please let me know. I would like to
> know what someone else thinks of it other than a relative ;)
> I bought a Behmore from Tom at the beginning of the year (I think, not good
> at time anymore... retired ya know) but have not used it much. I wanted to
> put a power meter in front of it so I could really tell what it is doing,
> just got one, but then C decided we need to go on vacation. :) :)
> It did teach me more about roasting though, so it is worth the cost from
> that sense.
> We have a funny ISP out in AZ. We can send email from our house, but go off
> anywhere and even though I get email, it denies forwarding. This results in
> some messages I send getting through, and some going off to cyberspace. They
> may show up in a week or so. So Me and C each have our own Gmail account
> now, even though it may take a bit to get all the addresses into it. We
> still get email from AZ either way.
> We are not towing the fifth wheel this time because of the cost of fuel etc,
> so it is easier driving and we use much less diesel fuel in the truck. The
> savings in fuel cost seems to pay for hotel and food. A no brainer.
> Best to all,
> PeterZ
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