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peter zulkowski peterznpgcable.com at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 19:21:04 CDT 2010

C and I are traveling around the country visiting friends and relative for
the balance of April, May and even part of June.
We (me) love to home roast and have been doing so since we found Sweet
Maria's and this list several years ago, about the time or just after miKe
mcKoffee did :)
I went through all of the preserving techniques that have recently been
discussed, and realized that it is better not to bother, just enjoy the
coffee, at the end of lots of enthusiastic experiments. Now we vac seal all
the greens we get from Tom in quart size Mason jars. I made a rack for them
behind a door in my office. It is just floor to ceiling shelves and it was
wasted space. Too dry in AZ to leave them sitting in bags.

We left home (LHC, AZ) on or about April 6th. Mostly we drink the Java that
we bought 60 lbs of from Tom.
Yup, we love it that much!
Oh, I did not roast all 60# yet, but just before we left, I roasted about
10# (maybe more, but never weighed it), GROUND IT WITH MY VERY LARGE MAZZER,
and put it in those gallon size plastic storage jars with the screw on lids.
We had three of them when we started. Yup, ground all those beans to take
with us! Three gallons of ground coffee! Will report on how it is lasting
and tasting as time goes on.

We have almost 2 gallons left, and we also brought one of those plastic
water heaters with the coil in it that Tom sells, and a couple of CCD's. So
far the coffee has been great! We left the last of the first gallon with my
sister in FL. She and her husband both loved it. Of course they have never
had anything as good, and can't get any more unless they roast their own,
and they just may start!

We will be in Danvers MA until the middle of May, visiting our kids and
grand kids. If anyone nearby is a home roaster and would like to get
together to maybe try some of my stash please let me know. I would like to
know what someone else thinks of it other than a relative ;)

I bought a Behmore from Tom at the beginning of the year (I think, not good
at time anymore... retired ya know) but have not used it much. I wanted to
put a power meter in front of it so I could really tell what it is doing,
just got one, but then C decided we need to go on vacation. :) :)
It did teach me more about roasting though, so it is worth the cost from
that sense.

We have a funny ISP out in AZ. We can send email from our house, but go off
anywhere and even though I get email, it denies forwarding. This results in
some messages I send getting through, and some going off to cyberspace. They
may show up in a week or so. So Me and C each have our own Gmail account
now, even though it may take a bit to get all the addresses into it. We
still get email from AZ either way.

We are not towing the fifth wheel this time because of the cost of fuel etc,
so it is easier driving and we use much less diesel fuel in the truck. The
savings in fuel cost seems to pay for hotel and food. A no brainer.

Best to all,


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