[Homeroast] [homeroast]Tom, any comments on the symposium "The single serve market" session?

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Thu Apr 22 14:05:44 CDT 2010

I think I missed the original post in this thread for some reason. 
Single server market ... not interested really except in the pour 
over service people are doing now. Thats interesting, but I was ever 
a huge fan of clover, and Via and K Cups and all that are, well, just 
a way to get very high margins on coffee for the corporations pushing 
them. If ypu get better coffee from a k-cup than other brew methods, 
it's just because you havent taken the time to brew coffee well.

I was invited to brew coffee at the coffee break using the Clever 
dripper, but I couldn't make it to symposium ... and I am not into 
the symposium idea anyway - I think they drawing away from the main 
conference with it. Boy, do I sound negative today or what!

>I've tried the K-Cups at work, but always find them too weak.  I'll
>sometimes manually stop it, halfway through, add another capsule, and
>add the remaining 1/2 cup to get one decently strong cup of coffee.  I
>also have the Nespresso Espresso maker.  Having never mastered the art
>of espresso, myself, I find this an acceptable substitute.  I view
>nespresso as beign better than Starbucks espresso, but not near as
>good a shot pulled by a really good barista.
>I don't hear much about the Clover machines anymore.  I've had a cup
>at one of the Boston Starbucks that had one.  It was good, but nothing
>I would call exceptional (only as good as the beans they work with).
>We have a local roaster/coffee shop that does single serve drip and
>vaccum coffee, as well as espresso.  Really good quality beans and
>very tasty results.
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